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Learn WHAT we do and WHY we do it.

4 Simple Steps…

  • 27% of C02 emissions in U.S. come from transportation & shipping
  • We deliver by bike to cut down on our carbon footprint (weather & distance permitting)
  • More than 50% of our suppliers are other local businesses– further cutting down our shipping/ transportation related greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Also, that means when you support Foster’s, you support a whole community of local creators! 🥳
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Delivering to over 7 counties in Utah 

“It feels so good to be spending my money towards local goods and towards an organization that is mindful about supporting the Salt Lake community”

Jenny / Salt Lake County

“I was trying to shop more zero waste, but it can be inconvenient to drive to a bulk store. Getting it delivered is what sets Foster’s Refillery apart for me”

Jane / Salt Lake County

“I just put a jar outside and then someone comes to my house and fills it up. How cool is that?”

Thomas / Salt Lake County


From the grid