The Skin Candy Story

Foster’s Refillery is proud to have locally owned and operated The Skin Candy as one of our suppliers. Learn more about the founders, Lynette Bullock and her daughter, Alex Miner, the brilliant minds behind this Utah company!  

These two women started their business around the same time Alex was pregnant with her first child. Relaxing in a bath was the perfect way to unwind and put her feet up, but Utah’s hard water started drying out her skin and hair. The bath bombs she tried from shops and grocery stores helped immensely but the cost was high and they were full of undesirable ingredients and chemicals. Lynette and Alex started doing research and creating recipes for homemade bath bombs. Within a year, they had created such successful recipes and scents, they were getting countless requests, so naturally The Skin Candy was started!

Lynette and Alex, the founders

The Skin Candy makes soaps that are sulfate and paraben free. Their delicious smelling soap moisturizes deeply and leaves skin feeling baby soft. We carry The Skin Candy’s luxurious body cream, enriched with goat’s milk, designed to soothe and hydrate skin. The vitamins in goat’s milk lotion help reduce redness and gently heal damaged skin.

One of the reasons we love working with The Skin Candy, is because they refill our containers just like we refill yours. About once a month we meet up and exchange 5 gallon empties for full containers. This helps us reduce plastic waste and bring the refill circuit full circle. 

Refill with one of The Skin Candy’s incredible smelling liquid hand soaps or goat’s milk lotion today!