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    Apart from producing some of the best raw honey in Salt Lake City, The Hive Mid Apiary also makes some of the best soaps in the valley.

    It all starts with fat… Fats and oils can be recycled by most food service industries through local services, but the dirty secret is that most oils are simply thrown away. Destined for the landfill. Reclaiming that “waste” can help reduce the damages caused by this improper disposal. The Hive Apiary hand selects fats and oils from local sources and then naturally refines them until they are acceptable to use in the soap. Depending on what “waste” fats and oils are syphoned, the soap scents are constantly changing.

    Leather & Sage:
    If you could bottle the essence of every Clint Eastwood character ever you’d have pretty damned good idea of just how wonderfully rugged you’ll smell after a dip with this bad boy. Good, bad, or ugly, you have no excuses to smell like a stable! All you punks will be feeling lucky! I’ve overextended the puns… I’ll stop now!
    Pine Tar

    Perfect for a nice beard wash and Hive Mind Apiary’s best selling soap! Pine Tar soap is made with 100% pure Pine Tar with a touch of Local honey from our hives. It has a strong piney scent that is crisp and clean, without being overpowering. Pine tar soap can also be very beneficial for a wide range of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. I find it particularly wonderful as a shaving cream substitute.

    Burnt Honey & Vetiver
    Vetiver is one of those wonderful “Old World” scents largely looked over in the modern body care landscape. Once it was in nearly all “Mens” products from shaving creams and aftershaves to deodorants and colognes. Its scent is best described as fresh uncut grass on a warm spring day with hints of leather and just a hint of pine or sage.
    To pair with the earthy nature of the Vetiver I used a hefty helping of a smoked crystalized honey. The Sugar content of the honey gives the soap some extra lathery goodness, but the real power of honey as an additive is in the vitamins and minerals.
    All around crowd pleaser with a fresh and warm scent. A great bar all year round

    Coffee Peppermint: 

    By far our best selling soap! A must for any hard working hands! I start with a coarse grind of coffee beans from local roasters. The coarse grind gives a truly wonderful grit, but the real power of the coffee grounds is in its naturally deodorizing properties and the fact that they are not previously brewed. Many soap makers used previously brewed coffee grounds which robs the user of the most important aspect of coffee… The all powerful caffeine! While you wont get the standard boost you would from a cup of joe, caffeine can be and is absorbed topically! The caffeine brings blood to the surface, which in turn smooths and tightens the skin.

    If that weren’t enough, I scent this wonderful little bar with peppermint essential oil. A classic clean or fresh smell that isn’t overpowering or overly aromatic. Naturally uplifting, and tingles in all the right ways!
    All this infused with Local Raw Honey from the Wasatch Front to add lather and a healthy helping of vitamins and minerals!
    Coffee & Vanilla:
    Very Similar to our Peppermint & Coffee bar, this bar offers a warmer alternative. Using unbrewed locally roasted coffee beans offers a wonderful grit. in addition to coffee’s natural deodorizing power, the caffeine of unbrewed coffee brings blood to the skins surface which both tightens and smooths the skin.
    The vanilla scent was chosen carefully to compliment both the coffee grounds and honey. Its a very dark vanilla  that borders on a warm whiskey or tobacco. It brings to mind sitting beside a warm fire on a winter cabin getaway.
    Lavender & Spearmint
    An activated charcoal base loaded with lavender buds harvested from my own lavender plants. The same lavender plants that provide wonderfully delicious pollen and nectar to my honeybee hives. You can feel all that extra attention and care bestowed upon the buds from the bees with every wash.
    Refreshing spearmint compliments the desert lavender perfectly adding a smooth clean scent without overpowering. All this topped with a healthy helping of lavender buds  just because…
    Blood Orange & Mulling Spice
    Orange is wonderful, but Blood Orange sounds much cooler! Despite being the most metal sounding fruit its actually much much sweeter. The sweetness paired with mulling spice (Clove, Anise, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice) make for a wonderfully warm soap bar great for the winter season. Warm, Sweet, and delicious. Like a Thomas Kinkade painting come to life. Or at least made into a soap.
    Ingredients (leather & sage): Purified Rendered Lard, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, All Natural Leather Fragrance, Sage Essential Oil, Activated Charcoal, Natural Mineral Pigments
    Ingredients (Pine Tar): Purified Bacon fat, Distilled h20, sodium hydroxide (lye), 100% pure pine tar, raw local honey.
    Ingredients (burnt Honey & Vetiver):Purified Rendered Lard, Water, Soduim Hydroxide, Vetiver Essential Oil, Smoked Honey, Activated Charcoal, Natural Mineral Pigments
    Ingredients (coffee Peppermint): Purified Rendered Lard, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Coffee Grounds, Peppermint Essential Oil, Natural Mineral Pigment
    Ingredients (coffee & vanilla): Purified Rendered Lard, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Coffee Grounds, Vanilla Essential Oil
    Ingredients (Lavender & Spearmint):  Purified Rendered Lard, Sodium Hydroxide, Lavender Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Activated Charcoal, Lavender Buds, Natural Mineral Pigment
    Ingredients (Blood Orange & Mulling Spice): Purified Rendered Lard, Water, Sodium, Hydroxide, Blood Orange Essential Oil, Mulling Spices

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    Leather & Sage, Pine Tar, Burnt Honey & Vetiver, Local Unbrewed Coffee Grounds & Peppermint, Spearmint & Lavender, Blood Orange and Mulling Spice, Local Unbrewed Coffee Grounds & Vanilla

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