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    The best way to heal cracked, chapped lips is with vitamin E and mango butter. This delicious creamy balm is the perfect set for men, women, and kids. Revitalize your smile with Kobee’s light eco-friendly chapstick. Their lip butter is beeswax-based with moisturizers to take your lips from “ow” to “wow.”

    Your favorite flavors, in cardboard/compostable chapstick tubes! Kobee’s strives to use plastic-free and single-use plastic alternatives.

    Using the Kobee’s chapstick instantly identifies you as a member of fighting climate change. Every lip balm purchased funds the removal of ocean plastics, tree replanting, and cleaner air for our future.

    Think about this, the beeswax balm only cost 400 PENNIES… with those pennies you would find laying around the house, under a couch cushion you could use them to support an awesome small business and the environment. Might as well add this to your cart as well…🐝


    Other ways to enjoy: These balms work wonders for softening and soothing dry lips, but what can moisturize one thing, can also help moisturize other parts of your body too! Try Kobee’s chubby little balm on nails & cuticles, under eyes at night, scars, tattoos, to tame flyaway hairs, to soothe other dry, chapped spots that could use a little love and more!
    *External use only.

    Please Note: The packaging for this product (tube + label) is made from 100% biodegradable paper, so naturally some wear and tear are to be expected. To best preserve your lip + body balm, please store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight and moisture. Careful not to leave it in a hot car! 


    Beeswax, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, mango seed oil, essential oils


    Additional information

    A Scent

    Beeswax, Coconut Vanilla, Peppermint, CBD, Mango, Mai Tai Punch, Watermelon, Strawberry

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