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    M soaps uses all natural and responsibly sourced ingredients. Each handcrafted bar will moisturize your skin and can be used on the whole body. Their soaps are always gluten free, vegan, and cruelty free.

    Gardener’s Coffee:

     They took their original super moisturizing recipe and infused it with coffee grinds from Black Rifle coffee (Silencer blend) to create the ultimate exfoliating bar. A great bar to get that dirt out from under your nails and exfoliate your skin. A little caffeine is great for the skin, increasing circulation while removing impurities. With a rich, earthy smell this bar of soap is perfect for your spring collection.


    Fresh cut pine essential oil captivates a perfect blend of a woodsy mountaintop. M Soaps uses only a few simple and responsibly sourced ingredients, like sodium dioxide, shea butter, coconut, palm, and olive oils. Scented with only the highest quality of essential oils. Our vibrant color comes from natural oxides and alfa root powder .

    Budding Lavender:

    100% pure Bulgarian lavender essential oil with a ribbon of lavender buds. No dyes or coloring, a pure lavender cold process soap.

    M soaps is a local Utah business 🙂 

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    Kind of Soap

    Gardener's Coffee, Pine, Budding Lavender

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