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    6 dryer balls for $18

    These wool dryer balls are all individually handmade with care right here in Salt Lake City! Local spinner J. Doughnut cards the wool, felts each by hand and gives them a test run to make sure they are in tip-top shape. The dryer balls will last for 1000+ washes. 

    We sell the balls in groups of 6 for the best results in drying clothing. Our dryer balls speed up the drying process by about 25%, helps fluff and separate laundry, and cuts down on static. Clothes come out of the dryer much less wrinkled when using our dryer balls. One of the best aspects of these dryer balls is the flexibility of adding your choice of essential oils to add that fresh laundry smell to your clothes. Please note: these dryer balls are sold unscented to include those who have smell sensitivity issues.


    • Sold in groups of 6
    • Essential oils not included
    • Easily stored in the dryer when not in use
    • Adding oils: apply a few drops to each dryer ball, dry in machine on high heat for at least half and hour, toss in your freshly washed laundry and dry as usual
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