All about M Soaps

A story of a woman and her daughter creating bath and body products to heal

Marguerite Blakey started creating luxurious soaps in her backyard shed 25 years ago. This small scale operation, over time, evolved into one of our favorite brands, M Soaps

Marguerite grew up in the projects of Jersey City, and escaped that life by joining the Barnum and Bailey Circus at 18 years old. She traveled all over the world dancing, doing aerial trapeze, and leading the tiger act. She trained in New York City in ballet and jazz and was featured in Esquire magazine during her 20’s. 

Eventually Marguerite had 4 daughters, moved to Utah and became a school teacher. In the 1980’s, Marguerite was teaching at Jordan School District, in Utah. To illustrate chemical reactions, she taught her students how to make soap. Over the years, Marguerite decided to start making soap in her backyard and selling it at local farmers markets. Her products were so good, she soon outgrew her shed, so she built a small factory space on the side of her house and continued selling soaps, body butters, and lotions through the 1990’s. 

Daniella is Marguerite’s daughter, and she manages and runs M Soaps now. She did not, however, expect that to be her career path. As a young adult, Daniella worked at Snowbird Mountain resort for many years, then she moved to New York City and studied biology, and finally moved to California and worked as a commercial photographer and had children. But every July and August, Daniella and her kids would come back to Utah to help Marguerite during the Farmer’s Market season. But things changed drastically 5 years ago, when Daniella got in a serious motorcycle accident and ended up in the hospital. 

Over the holidays that year, Daniella and her children moved back to Utah to be close to family while Daneilla recuperated. To treat her pain and to avoid taking debilitating painkillers, Daniella’s doctor suggested CBD products (a derivative of the marajuana plant). That’s when the idea of creating CBD infused products came to Daniella.She worked tirelessly to successfully combine her mother’s tried and tested recipes with CBD. 

All winter, as Daniella recovered, Marguerite taught Daniella trade secrets. She learned Marguerite’s techniques, about the sustainably sourced ingredients she used, the vendors she sourced from, how to infuse scents and oils into the products. In the spring, they decided to open a shop in Gardner Village, and at the same time, introduce topical products infused with CBD. 

Daniella credits the store in Gardner Village with introducing the community to topical CBD products. Sharing the healing properties of the infused lotions, body butters, soaps, bath bombs and more, was easier in a soap shop where people felt comfortable. With her hard work and personal experience, Daniella educated the community about CBD infused products and lessened the stigma associated with it.

Over the next few years, Daniella took M Soaps from the business her mother built in her backyard, to a thriving body care company distributing goods across the United States. Although they are growing, M soaps is still a small scale underdog in the soap world. Their mantra is “shop small, not Prime.”  By not taking shortcuts, M Soaps brings awareness to the benefits of shopping small. 

We’re so excited to carry M Soaps at Foster’s Refillery and we think you’ll love their products in your home! Refill your containers, (or a container from us), with M Soaps lotion, body butter, hand soap, bath bombs, shower tablets and more!

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