Q: Where does Foster’s deliver?

A: We are a Utah company that services Davis, Summit and Utah County, (basically a 30 mile radius around Salt Lake City). In Salt Lake County we deliver within 48 business hours Monday we deliver Utah County orders Wednesday we deliver Davis County orders Friday we deliver Summit County orders

Q: Are all deliveries made by bike?

A: We do bike deliveries, weather permitting, in the Salt Lake City proper area. West to Redwood Road, and south to 3900th.

Q: What is a refillery? A:

A refillery helps reduce single use plastics. Rather than throwing away various household and personal hygiene product bottles, you refill them. Check out our article about refilleries to learn more!

Q: What if I have special instructions for delivery?

A: Just add your delivery instructions in the checkout form in the space provided.

Q: How do I know what the total cost of my refill order will be?

A: Use the estimated cost calculator at check out! The estimated calculator does not, however, charge you. We do this incase the requested ounce amount does not fit into the container– we don’t want to ever overcharge!

Q: Why is my refill product $0 at check out?

A: We charge by the weight in ounces. After we fill you items, we weigh them and send you a payment request. If you want to fill your items to a specific weight, let us know on the check out form. If not specified, we will fill the container.

Q: How can I best practice social distancing when Foster’s Refillery comes to my house or business to deliver my refill?

A: There is no need to come into contact with deliverers. If you are refilling your own container, leave the containers on your doorstep or at your business’s designated delivery door. Person to person contact is not typically necessary. But if you do come into contact with our delivery people, please wear a mask. Thanks for your concern for Foster’s Refillery employees and volunteers, and for helping us stay safe!

Q: Do you have a brick and mortar store that I can refill at?

A: Not at this time. Right now, we’re focused on delivery services. If a brick and mortar store is the only thing that will work for you, feel free to email us at info@fostersrefillery.com and we can work something out.

Q: What are the best containers to refill soap, shampoo, lotion, laundry pods, etc. in?

A: Glass, as a general rule, works the best for refill containers. Glass is typically the easiest to refill and glass is 100% recyclable. Upcycle old mason jars, use glass Tupperware type containers, or whatever works best for you! If you don’t have a container you want to reuse or convert into a refillable container, consider purchasing one of our locally sourced containers!

Q: Do you sell gift cards?

A: Yes! Click here to get your virtual gift card.