What is a Refillery?

 A new and improved way to cut down on single use plastic.

A refillery provides a convenient way to reduce single-use plastics in everyday life. Rather than purchasing a new container each time you need more shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, all-purpose cleaner, etc., you refill extended-use containers with those products. Some refilleries require you to bring containers to a bulk goods store, but our refillery takes a different approach. If you live near Salt Lake City, Utah, Foster’s Refillery makes refilling easy by delivering to your home or business! 

The return of refills

Single-use packaging has been the typical choice of packaging in the retail world since the plastic boom of the 1950’s. Household items such as bottled water and beverages to bath and body products and cleaning solutions are usually sold in single-use packaging. Along the way some of the packaging is recycled, but recycling can be challenging or inconvenient for consumers. And in many locations, recycling is not available. But things are changing! Airports, offices, schools and public buildings have implemented water refill stations to combat single use plastic water bottles. So what can you do to reduce other single-use plastic containers? Refill them! 

Before the 1950’s, manufacturers packaged many of their products in glass, the easiest type of packaging to refill and reuse. For example, people used put empty glass milk bottles on their doorsteps for a milkman to trade with refilled bottles that had been collected previously. Glass bottles are easy to clean, can be continually refilled, and when the time comes (after many uses and refills), it can be responsibly recycled. This is where the refillery idea comes into play. Helping consumers refill all kinds of household goods, enabling them to reduce the amount of plastic being discarded into the environment.

Choose a FR jar or refill your own

How is Foster’s Refillery different from other refilleries? 

Inspired by the milkman model, we refill and deliver household goods right on your doorstep. Our bike delivery team brings the products to your home or business, fills the containers up for you, and charges you based on weight. You can use your own jars to refill, or buy one of ours! No need to lug containers to various stores, or even leave your house. We come to you!

How do I refill?

  1. Select products at fostersrefillery.com 
  2. Decide on containers you already have or purchase one of our jars
  3. Within 48 hours, we will deliver and fill your goods
  4. After we weigh the product(s), we will charge you via Paypal or Venmo per oz.  

The community building power of local creators is incredible, so many of our products are produced locally and all of our products are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Never tested on animals
  • Comparable in price to Trader Joe’s
Foster’s Refillery champions inclusivity. We work to couple environmentalism with racial and economic justice.