The Story of Beehive Soap and Body Care– Almost as good as a Fairy Tale!

Like many good stories, this adventure begins when one door closes and another one opens. So it is with our heroine and the story of Beehive Soap and Body Care —  a tale of a Utah businesswoman who believes in sustainability and sharing toxic free products with everyone. 

A long time ago, (okay, it was only 2006), in a land of mountains and deserts, there lived a woman named Tami Thornton. She had three children (one still at home but getting close to flying the coop) and one husband. Tami loved her family deeply and yet carved out time to give Irish Folk Dance a try! For several years, Tami danced her way around town. But with wisdom and age, comes the plight of bad knees, something many heroes and heroines fall victim to. The door on this hobby was closing, but Tami was determined to find a new hobby (with less ‘ouch’ factor). 

Several things happened over the next few years to lay the groundwork for Beehive Soap and Body. First, Tami finished a bachelor’s degree in family life (BYU General Studies). About the same time…she came across an interesting article about a woman making soap in her kitchen. She became intrigued with the idea of soap-making, and she spent the next few months using her trusty library card to do lots of research on soap creation. She found a fairy godmother of soap (if you will) named Janice on Craigslist! Janice taught Tami many useful tips and methods for soap making and helped her get started. A new hobby was born!  Three years later… 2009… Tami stepped into the light of business ownership and started Beehive Soap and Body Care!! 

She started this business journey at the Herriman farmer’s market where her handmade soaps sold like hot cakes. Local stores – like Dancing Crane Imports – welcomed Beehive Soap as well! Eventually one day at the Salt Lake City farmer’s market Tami met THE buyer for Harmons grocery store (health and beauty department). Beehive Soap supplied Harmons with her expanded collection of goods. Late 2019 brought a “test order” of her all natural deodorants with TJ Maxx.   

For many years, all was well at Beehive Soap and Body, with business booming and expanding! Alas, this is where the story merges with many other stories you’ve heard recently – a virus swept across the land in 2020 and with this pandemic came many changes. 

Tami had a couple large clients pause their purchasing with Beehive in order to meet pandemic demands, some small businesses closed for a time and stopped ordering products, and supplies became more difficult to purchase. But the pandemic also meant Tami could slow down and focus on aspects of Beehive she missed, and many businesses kept working with Beehive, which shows the lasting success of Tami’s business. Tami encourages the use of bar soaps as a way to #reduceplasticwaste, and using the services from Foster’s Refillery is an awesome  solution to “reuse” plastic jars/bottles for many products.  She is confident that steady growth back to normal is already happening and we’re thrilled to be a part of that. 

This story has been one of our favorites so far, and we hope you’ll continue to support Beehive and all our local Utah suppliers. Visit the soap page to find some of our favorites from Beehive Soap and Body.