Meet Charcoal & Rose Petals

An introduction to Foster’s Refillery’s new supplier

 We’d like to introduce you to SarahAnn Goldnau-Vogt, the creator, owner and primary manufacturer behind Charcoal & Rose Petals, our newest supplier!

After completing a bio- and physical-chemistry degree, SarahAnn started her company through a love for DIY projects and a passion for learning and creation. As she experimented and created body-care products, she realized how little we actually know about the products we put on our skin everyday and their ingredients. Charcoal & Rose Petals was built to create a line of products the founder wanted to use, and that she felt good about sharing with the people she cared about. 

SarahAnn creating C&R Petals soap

With her chemistry degree, SarahAnn understood the science behind common ingredients and instead selected all natural ingredients. Everything from the colorants used in the soaps to the essential oils in creams and salves. One of her favorite tricks is infusing oils with botanicals to extract their natural colors, aromas and healing properties. All Charcoal & Rose Petals soaps are vegan and all products are cruelty-free. Based in Ontario, Canada, Charcoal & Rose Petals is constantly evolving – one of the beauties of being a small-scale operation – and the founder loves trying out new ingredients and formulas. All recipes are original and they strive to source ingredients from Canadian-based companies. SarahAnn jumps on the opportunity to work with local and sustainably driven shops whenever she can.  

One of the most significant reasons Foster’s Refillery wanted to partner with Charcoal & Rose Petals was the founder’s emphasis on no single-use plastics. Much like we encourage our customers to use glass jars and reusable containers, SarahAnn is refilling containers in several Canadian shops for her local customers. We’re so excited to have SarahAnn and Charcoal & Rose Petals as a trusted supplier of Foster’s Refillery. 

Visit our shop to find all the Charcoal & Rose Petals beautiful, hand-made, all natural products we offer! 

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